Sunday, December 16, 2007

dosemu issue

I had dosemu working with an old application which required a hasp plug on my linux box.

i got it partialy working. the issues are

1) get dosemu working (dont need windows just the dos version)
2) redirect input from hard drive copy of the atm databasee disk so i can use it without loading the disk in cdrom player
3) need to have permission to use the hardware parallel port.
this requires an edit of the global /etc/dosemu/dosemu.conf to access the parallel port
as well as being ROOT user in order to have it work (or setuid or something) see the
readme in the /doc directory of the dosemu which i put in /oldmachine2/me/dosemu-1.2.2

need to play with it more. seem to need to be root and set it up. oops i wonder if the
settings are specific to the workstation
looks like
$_ports= "..."
$_ports= $_ports, " device /dev/lp0 fast range 0x378 0x37a"

cat /proc/ioports |grep parport
if no parport, need to enable it in the bios :).
then match the above line to the to the memmory range....

but please review this.

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