Wednesday, February 26, 2014

stumpwm problem with mouse on gtk3 apps such as evince and other apps

I have been using stumpwm for several years and am very happy and can't contempl
ate otherwise.

I just noticed a change in debian sid.

The new version of evince 3.10 (which is a pdf viewer)
mousewheel no longer scrolls up and down the page while running under stumpwm.

I reported to evince upstream and they denied it as a problem on their end.

I found they are right when i opened up lxde icewm gnome etc evince worked norma

Note evince 3.4 under stumpwm (debian wheezy) was fine.

It was only when i upgraded 3.10 or even using jhbuild latest 3.11 same behavior

Do you have any idea what the change in mouse handling that would affect this ap
I have not noticed other applications.

is it a change in the xorg?

thus qpdfview works with normal scroll behavior and okular.

I mentioned on #stumpwm irc

where it was confirmed by alezost

other applications


It can be solved by

> GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 evince file.pdf

will work normally with the mouse

can this be set in the .profile or .bashrc ???? don't know how