Monday, May 26, 2008

Postgreql full text search support

Cool look at


DocMGR is a complete, web-based Document Management System (DMS). It allows for the storage of any file type, and supports full-text indexing of the most popular document formats. It is available in many different languages and is easy to translate into new languages. DocMGR runs on PHP, the Apache webserver, and Postgresql. It optionally uses tsearch2 for full-text indexing which provides for faster search results and result ranking. DocMGR supports LDAP authentication, the ability to easily add and remove "objects" for storage in the system, document workflow, object subscriptions, WebDAV access, and an ever-growing set of features revolving around content storage.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

annotating pdf files creating presentations

I just watched a friend annotating pdf files with Preview and then
using grabber to take a picture of part of the PDF and put it into his mac
presentation application.

So what is the linux equivalent?

1. what to annotate pdfs?

i notice xournal. someone writes

The rest of the document has to do with configuring xournal in such a way that it is more convenient to use it to highlight text inside PDF files. Although some of these settings can be set from within xournal’s graphical interface, I recommend editing the configuration file directly: /home/gnot/.xournal/config, since it contains more options than those available in the GUI.

The ruler exists in order to make life easier when you highlight text. It is highly recommended that you enable it for text highlighting:


If highlighting text is your main use of xournal, then you can make it the startup tool as well.


The following options make xournal’s window to start maximized and set the initial zoom to 150% respectively.


The following options configure the highlighter. You can set the 3 pre-defined levels of thickness and which one will be the default one, set the default color and finally set the opacity (the default opacity level of 50% is just too much).



No one said that annotating PDF files in Linux is an easy task. I have tried many open source tools for that job, but xournal seems to be the best one at the time of writing.


Cool I will try that today and see how it works.

2. I have been using emacs text application to make presentations. I need to grab screen shots.
what is the equivalent of mac grabber.

xsg i see, xwd, xgrabsc Xscreencap ,

This is really simple. Run gimp (The GNU Image Manipulation Program). Click on Xtns and then Screen Shot, seleccaptscsct whether you want to capture a single window (the Include decorations option means capture the frame and title bar along with the rest of the window) or the whole screen, then click Grab. If you selected the whole screen it will open a new image containing it immediately, else if you chose single window you will have to click on the particular window you want to capture. Edit as necessary and save.

3. he uses spotlight to find files. is there a linux spotlight that searches pdf files???