Thursday, November 22, 2007

Gtk2::GLext install

Ok, I wanted to have
Gtk2::GLext all installed.
let us get latest one of them all
first two use
./configure --prefix=/usr
to get to right debian locations
then for the last guy
need to edit Makefile.PL
to move line
mkdir 'build', 0777;
above the line for the pod that enables compilation
got 2 errors
unrecognized argument in LIBS ignored: '-Wl, --export-dynamic'
unrecognized argument in LIBS ignored: '-pthread'
then did make
make test
make install

Friday, November 16, 2007

mac os upgrade dual boot setup

Ok I have a dual boot mac g4. i wanted to upgrade to leopard
so i noted that the hard drive partition setup is
/dev/hda1 Apple_partition_map
/dev/hda2 bootstrap yaboot
/dev/hda3 swap
/dev/hda4 Linux / 15.6G
/dev/hda5 Mac OsX 11.8G

so then i booted into new leopard installer disk, wiped out old Tiger, reinstalled from scratch to mac partition
then i did
power on
hold down apple,option, o,f buttons (yes 4 buttons)
then at > prompt type
>boot hd:2,yaboot

here 2 is /dev/hda2 ie yaboot bootstrap partion
then type

Login to linux system
run as root
fdisk -l
and look to what the macosx partition is

ON my system it changed from /dev/hda5 to /dev/hda6!!! with the new install, wasting a good 120M of space on the drive...

Then edit /etc/yaboot.conf to set
macosx=/dev/hda6 or whatever

then as root run
this will reinitialize the boot sector to boot to yaboot and
choose Linux as default or Leopard.

Then install OsiriX to MacOsX partition :)

ecb and semantic-cache files

i may want to get rid of ecb, but while it is on my system:

Emacs and semantic.cache

How can i prevent contaminating each directory with a file semantic-cache?
Set semanticdb-default-save-directory to a directory, by putting the following in your emacs init file (usually .emacs in your home directory):

(setq semanticdb-default-save-directory “~/.semantic”)
(replace ~/.semantic with a different directory, if you wish.)


Saturday, November 3, 2007

browse over ssh

ssh -ND 8080
sign in
then set up firefox to use socks host : localhost 8080
and you are done.

need to also set up

Set your proxy server to resolve DNS requests instead of your computer; in Firefox's about:config area, set network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true.

then you cant be traced by your dns queries.....

Thursday, November 1, 2007

emacs commands

1. how to turn on syntax hylighting

M-X font-lock-mode

2. how to indent code?


3. how to comment out code in region? select region then
M-x comment-region
M-x uncomment-region

4. comment on line
M- ; (ie alt-; or esc then ;) creates a comment on the line
M-j then creates another comment line
remove comment on line ??

4. To move the cursor to a specific line:
M-x goto-line
when prompted in the minibuffer
Goto line: