Thursday, June 21, 2007

screenshots in linux

I believe the Gimp has a pretty straightforward tool for this.
And there is "import" that comes with ImageMagick.
It is a commandline app and works very well, in my experience. The online documentation has a

Try "scrot", it’s extremely small but still provides a lot of functionality.

I use ksnapshot, don't know how big it is, but it does a good job,
allowing to save in a number of different formats. I will try
"scrot", by the way, as I keep taking screenshots quite often.

nice import command from imagemagick

import -frame ~/Images/Screenshots/image_of_the_window_or_frame.jpg

display ~/Images/Screenshots/image_of_the_window_or_frame.jpg

What a great bunch of knowledgable and helpful people - I'd say
Imagemagick and scrot are the handiest - xwd and xwud to display have
the advantage of being on my machine already ( but they do put out HUGE
files). The Kseries suffers from the same problem as Gnome...I don't
run either so aptitude wants to pull in dozens of libraries.
Thanks to everyone!

I'm glad you asked, as I'd been wondering about this too. From the
advice you got I found my answer. I've added the following to my
.fluxbox/keys file, and I'm all set.

Mod4 s :ExecCommand /usr/bin/import -window root ~/screenshots/scrshot$(date +%s).png

gimp. open File -> Acquire -> Screenshot,
choose Single Window or Whole Screen, then click Grab. Now your next
mouse click will capture the window or screen clicked on as an image
in the GIMP. Crop and resize the image as necessary, using the
instructions at

My favorite program for screenshots is ksnapshot. But that might be heavy
for you.

There's always xwd in the xbase-clients package (which is probably
installed already).

- It writes in .xwd format. Only. not png or even jpeg. xwd only. But
gimp and others should have no problem reading it.
- Command-line only. No GUI.

- You probably have got it installed already
- scriptable from the command line
Not a real issue. You can always use

xwd | convert - screenshot.jpg

What's the point of using xwd, then?

import -window root screenshot.png

(since if convert is installed, then import is installed).

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