Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nvidia binary drivers and 2.6.20 and PARAVIRT

To summarize the complicated post before.


If you like the binary drivers from nvidia. Then
1. if you have an older processor such as a Non AM2 - amd x2
thus it does not have hardware virtualization, so why bother with the PARAVIRT
so just disable the PARAVIRT flag in the kernel config and recompile.

2. If you have a nice AM2 amd x2 processor then you can disable the kernel checks using the kludges given before, and have both paravirt and binary nvidia drivers.

II. Xorg module location update problem

The renaming of xorg to 1. something caused some breakage in location of modules. This is solved by using
 sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-$NVIDVER-pkg1.run \
--x-module-path=`X -showDefaultModulePath 2>&1 | cut -d, -f1` \
--x-library-path=`X -showDefaultLibPath 2>&1`

to set up the correct location for the copying of the modules.

1.0-9755 and older on xorg-server-1.3 and its release candidates

The 1.3 series of the X.org server has a bug where the version reported changed from 7.2.* to 1.*. This confuses nvidia-installer into thinking that your X server is very old and it installs the X modules in the wrong place. To work around this problem, use the following options:
# sh NVIDIA-Linux-version.run --x-module-path=`X -showDefaultModulePath 2>&1 | cut -d, -f1` --x-library-path=`X -showDefaultLibPath 2>&1`

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